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The Bellizzi family has been in the food industry for many generations. Our Grandma Bellizzi taught us how to create traditional Italian dishes made with love and tremendous amounts of joy. Learning from her inspired our vision: making people happy by feeding them.

Grandma Bellizzi baking pizza
Grandma Bellizzi

Our Inspiration

It's All About The Family

Bellizzi’s Pizza & Pasta was established in 1996 in downtown Eugene-a small Italian restaurant that produced scratch recipes daily and unique pizza combinations. We had, and still have an emphasis on distinctive vegetarian pizza pies, as well as our favorite meat combinations.
We pride ourselves in our dough recipe, but we know it’s the sauce that carries the day and joins all the flavors together. Bellizzi’s was quite successful for many years until the culture of Eugene restaurants evolved away from local owned restaurants to national food chains like Olive Garden, Applebee’s, and Outback. As the big box restaurants came to town, Eugene’s downtown suffered and so did Bellizzi’s. We reluctantly closed up shop for a better day.
Many years later, the culture of Eugene & Springfield has shifted. After the pandemic shutdowns, we see people hold a deep desire to support their community, and thus, a revival of small business and local owned restaurants. Bellizzi’s Pizza Joint is happy to be part of the revival. We look forward to many more happy years serving pizza and Italian food to the local community. Please join us in celebrating our reopening at 1600 Coburg Road in Spring 2022!
Though Grandma Bellizzi is no longer in the back preparing pizza or pasta, we know she is lovingly looking down ensuring we remain true to our vision of making people happy by feeding them.

From our family to yours since 1996,
Jeremy, Britny, and the Bellizzi Family


Bellizzi's Pizza Joint

Incredible Dishes Start Here

We keep family traditions and amazing taste at the forefront of every dish we make. 

Heritage You Can Taste

We know our sauce is what makes us unique and keeps you coming back for more.


Recipe With Roots

You won’t taste anything like Bellizzi’s Pizza because we make every dish from scratch with fresh ingredients and love.

Authentic Italian Flavors

Fresh basil, olive oil, ripe tomatoes, and rich and creamy cheeses are just the start of your authentic Italian food experience.

Handmade "Secret" Ingredients

We'd love to tell ya, but you might find yourself wearing some concrete slippers.